6 Things You Need to Do As Soon As You Get Engaged

The moment is finally here. Someone has asked you to marry them and you’re staring at one of the most beautiful diamond’s you’ve ever seen. It’s one of those moment you’ve imagined your whole life. You’re going to be getting married!

I recently got engaged this past December, so I’m happy to share my personal experiences, but also give insider tips and tricks to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. It all starts with that rock on your finger and here’s what you need to do moments after.

Feature Image via Cengiz Ozelsel via Kiss Me in Paris.

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While some family and friends may have been involved in the proposal process, this is the time for you and your fiancé to spread the joyous news! My fiancé  and I made it fun! We sat together, poured a glass of wine, went through our phone book and spoke to all our relatives. Get ready for the well wishes to start pouring in as well as a million wedding questions that you may not be ready to answer, but that’s OK!

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