How to Dress Up Your ‘Do With Bridal Hair Accessories

When we think of hair accessories, we think of one of two things: Blair Waldorf, and Pinterest. Does anyone outside of the self-proclaimed queen of the Upper East Side look good in a headband? Also, does anyone outside of a made-for-Pinterest hairstylist actually know how to weave ribbons into a waterfall braid? Probably not.

We hate to love hair accessories, but here’s the thing: they look so good when done right. The trick is finding a look that will work well with your dream bridal hair style, as well as snagging a stylist that has experience with working with the accessory of your choice. Don’t think you’re limited to headbands and ribbons, either. There’s a whole world of bridal hair accessories out there for you to play with!

Keep scrolling for our favorite looks!


Bridal Hair Accessories
Swooned/Danielle Real Photography

If you’re having a rustic wedding and want to incorporate a bit of nature into your bridal look, try twine! It’s way less overwhelming than a giant flower and far less cliche than a flower crown, but still adds an interesting texture to your updo or downdo. You can even spray paint it to match your bridesmaids or play up the rustic vibes of your big day.

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