How to Dress Up Your ‘Do With Bridal Hair Accessories

When we think of hair accessories, we think of one of two things: Blair Waldorf, and Pinterest. Does anyone outside of the self-proclaimed queen of the Upper East Side look good in a headband? Also, does anyone outside of a made-for-Pinterest hairstylist actually know how to weave ribbons into a waterfall braid? Probably not.

We hate to love hair accessories, but here’s the thing: they look so good when done right. The trick is finding a look that will work well with your dream bridal hair style, as well as snagging a stylist that has experience with working with the accessory of your choice. Don’t think you’re limited to headbands and ribbons, either. There’s a whole world of bridal hair accessories out there for you to play with!

Keep scrolling for our favorite looks!


Bridal Hair Accessories
Swooned/Danielle Real Photography

If you’re having a rustic wedding and want to incorporate a bit of nature into your bridal look, try twine! It’s way less overwhelming than a giant flower and far less cliche than a flower crown, but still adds an interesting texture to your updo or downdo. You can even spray paint it to match your bridesmaids or play up the rustic vibes of your big day.

Don’t want to go hunting for the perfect piece of twine? Try this one, which is complete with pearls and a dash of ribbon.

Hair Clips

Bridal Hair Accessories
Etsy/Ameris Photography

These aren’t the butterfly clips you had when you were a little girl! A dressy hair clip can dress up any updo and instantly infuses a bit of glitz.

Brides with minimalistic and modern dresses, listen up: a rhinestone or pearl-encrusted hair clip will add some serious sparkle to your look! They’re also perfect for girls that don’t want to fuss around with complicated accessory removal in the wee hours after the wedding.

Hair Chains

Bridal Hair Accessories
Emmaline Bride/Etsy

If you’re a grunge-y bride, you’re probably very familiar with chains as a style staple. If you’re not — or if you just want to toughen up an otherwise dainty look — a hair chain is the way to do it.

Weave a slim chain into your updo for major warrior princess vibes, or intertwine a glittering chain into your loose locks for an otherwordly goddess-like look.


Bridal Hair Accessories
Olive Photography/Olga Plakitina

You might not need a crown to prove you’re royalty on your wedding day, but a little bit of bling will always go a long way. Instead of opting for a flower crown, stick to the basics and go for a pretty sparkling one, instead.

Whether you want to keep it demure like the bride on the left or envision rocking a glitzy version, be sure to keep it the focal point of your hair look. Don’t try to rock a crown and a hair chain, lest you look like a little girl that got a little too excited to play dress up in her mom’s closet.

Unless, of course, that’s your aesthetic. Do you, girl!

Modern Headbands

Bridal Hair Accessories
Laura Gordon Photography/Etsy

No Blair Waldorf-esque velvet headbands here! Keep it modern with a metal style with plenty of hardware. Seriously, no flowers necessary.

Opt for a blinged-out style like the one on the left, or keep it classic with pearls and plenty of gold.

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