This Is The Only Bridesmaids Gift Guide You Need

Whether you just started or are finishing up your wedding planning, you know your bridesmaids are your girls. They’ve been with you through the tears at fittings, making all-important cake decisions, and have sat through enough brunches gawking over your ring. They deserve a kickass gift and you need a bridesmaids gift guide to make your life just a tiny bit easier.

Sure, your bridesmaids might all be into different things, but these goodies are so universally cool, they’re going to have a hard time not falling head-over-heels in love (with your gift-giving abilities — duh.) We know, we know — you can thank us later.

For the chill bridesmaid

Bridesmaids Gift Guide

Has your bridesmaid been talking about a spa retreat since the moment you asked her to be in your wedding party? Get this girl what she’s craving: a bit of TLC, without the resort price tag.

Gift this girl the tools she needs to make her own DIY spa. A facial cleansing tool will help chill her out, while a wintry candle will help soothe her senses. A couple of tried-and-true beauty bits will land you on her favorites list, too. Finally, a salt candle is the luxe buy she’ll never think to buy herself, but will be grateful you snagged.

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