City Hall Wedding Outfits That Are Anything But Frumpy

Here’s something a lot of wedding sites forget: not everyone wants a wedding with the whole shebang. Those big days require a lot of planning, a lot of coordination and yes, a lot of money. While that’s totally fine with many couples, some couples prefer to go the low-key route and just head to plain ol’ City Hall.

If you’re planning on being a City Hall bride, you probably found yourself in a weird sartorial gray area. City Hall isn’t exactly the place for a large wedding gown, but you still want to be dressed up for your big day! As with all weddings, your location and venue helps you with your choice of dress, so picking something out for City Hall can get tricky.

Of course, it’s your wedding day and you can wear whatever you want — be it a traditional gown or a pantsuit — but here are a few of our favorite looks from the courthouse steps!

Incorporate a pop of color

City Hall Wedding Outfits
Helena and Laurent Photography

Because City Hall is a less traditional setting, it’s easier to incorporate colorful flourishes. We love how this beautiful bride chose to wear red for her big day with her hubby! It’s bright and powerful, but still appropriate.

Go short

City Hall Wedding Outfits
Jessilyn Wong

A courthouse wedding is the perfect excuse to opt for a shorter gown! A knee-length style like the one above is perfect for brides with a retro flair and a flirty attitude. That fur stole is a super chic addition, too!

Opt for a jumpsuit

City Hall Wedding Outfits
Miguel Marino

We love jumpsuits regardless of how big or small you wedding is, but they’re virtually flawless for City Hall! Look for a tailored style that cinches in at the waist and keeps the legs slim and tailored (like the style above) for a classic silhouette.

Layers, layers, layers

City Hall Wedding Outfits
Jacqueline Patton Photography

There’s nothing chicer than the look of a draped jacket slung casually over the shoulders. This bride paired her wedding gown with a cream-colored tweed coat that looks equal parts fashion-forward yet classic.

Just have fun!

City Hall Wedding Outfits
Emily Takes Photos

It’s your wedding day — wear whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself! Be that a traditional bridal gown, a pantsuit or a fabulous dress like the bride above, you do you!