These Are The Best Wedding Dress Colors If You’re Not Into White

Here’s the thing: girl, you’re a colorful woman. And colorful women deserve colorful wedding dresses.

White isn’t for everyone. Sure, it’s a classic and you can never really go wrong with a white gown, but is it the end-all-be-all? Absolutely not.

The past few years have seen a rise in bold wedding dresses: from vibrant yellows to cheeky pink shades, wedding dresses now come in nearly every color of the spectrum. A dress in a bright hue is a fun way to infuse a bit of color to your wedding, plus it allows you to showcase your personality in a non-traditional way.

Not sure where to start or whether your favorite shade can even be a wedding dress? Keep scrolling.


Colorful Wedding Dresses Yellow
Credit: Naeem Khan, Hamda Al Fahim, Lurelly

A bright yellow dress might not necessarily scream wedding, but the sunny shade is perfect for brides looking for a way to brighten up their big day. Yellow gowns are particularly striking in woodsy outdoor weddings and on a dress with a structured silhouette.


Colorful Wedding Dresses Blue
Credit: Lurelly, Tadashi Shoji, Ines di Santo, Tony Ward
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