Couples Falconry Exists at This Resort

Honeymoon Goals

Get your honeymoon packing list ready, because couples falconry is officially a thing, and we’re the most excited we’ve been about a travel destination since the time we found out about the best dive-in movie theater of all time. Seriously.

If you’re wondering what falconry even is (we hear you — it’s kind of obscure and oozes royalty from the Middle Ages), describes it briefly as, “the sport of hunting with falcons or other birds of prey; the keeping and training of such birds.” All that is well and good, but falconry is so much cooler than that. It’s the art of connecting to a giant bird of prey while immersed in a totally natural setting, and learning to be your most zen self to get the job done without fear or apprehension. Frankly, we think it’s the ideal couples bonding adventure.

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