Wanderlust Wedding Destination Guide: SoCal


Hey, Destination Brides! Every other week, we’ll be highlighting our favorite spots for a destination wedding! First up on our list, we decided to stay stateside and spotlight sunny Southern California!

When we think of SoCal, we think of two things: the beach and a magical amusement park. You know the one.

It’s also one of our favorite spots to have a “destination” wedding. Sure, it might not be much of a destination if you’re a Cali-local, but for all us East Coasters and Midwestern gals, a SoCal wedding is a hop, skip and flight away!

There are plenty of reasons to opt for the southern half of the golden state for your big day. For starters, the weather is practically guaranteed to be flawless. Additionally, if you’re staying in the continental US, you’ll have an easier time figuring out vendors and the regulations. Additionally, a stateside wedding — even if it’s a ways away — will still make it easier for US-based family and friends to make it for the big day.

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