Wanderlust Wedding Destination Guide: SoCal


Hey, Destination Brides! Every other week, we’ll be highlighting our favorite spots for a destination wedding! First up on our list, we decided to stay stateside and spotlight sunny Southern California!

When we think of SoCal, we think of two things: the beach and a magical amusement park. You know the one.

It’s also one of our favorite spots to have a “destination” wedding. Sure, it might not be much of a destination if you’re a Cali-local, but for all us East Coasters and Midwestern gals, a SoCal wedding is a hop, skip and flight away!

There are plenty of reasons to opt for the southern half of the golden state for your big day. For starters, the weather is practically guaranteed to be flawless. Additionally, if you’re staying in the continental US, you’ll have an easier time figuring out vendors and the regulations. Additionally, a stateside wedding — even if it’s a ways away — will still make it easier for US-based family and friends to make it for the big day.

Now, let’s talk themes:


Destination Guide: SoCal
Anita Martin

Sure, “SoCal” and “budget” might not exactly correlate, but this $5,000 DIY beach wedding has us thinking otherwise! The trick? Keep the guest list light and simplify your design!

Destination Guide: SoCal
Sarah Maren Photography

A beach wedding isn’t a time to hold back on the drama! Take note from this bride and her Oscar de la Renta dress — a beach is synonymous with va-va-voom!

Destination Guide: SoCal
Forte Photography

This couple kept it casual and fun for their wedding at the marina! The perfect touch was the home-brewed beer provided by the groom and the father of the bride.


Destination Guide: SoCal
William Innes Photography

Whether you love your Chardonnay or not, you can’t deny the beauty of California’s wineries. This couple took a Temecula winery and made it their own by incorporating gold leaf accents and plenty of history.

Destination Guide: SoCal
Figlewicz Photography

This rustic boho wedding had one of the largest wedding parties we’ve ever seen: 13 bridesmaids and groomsmen! However, that spectacular backdrop even made their big wedding party seem tiny.

Destination Guide: SoCal
Muir Adams Photography

A cattle ranch was the perfect setting for this couple’s close-knit ceremony!


Destination Guide: SoCal
Christine Glebov

We learn something new with each wedding. This retro-themed big day made us realize that no wedding day is complete without a 1959 Volkswagen Bus.

Destination Guide: SoCal
Milou and Olin Photography

This wedding — held in an art gallery — played with colors and textures in a beautiful way.


Destination Guide: SoCal
George Street Photography

This wedding might not have technically been in SoCal, but the old Hollywood glam of this couple is seriously red-carpet worthy. Check out those fur stoles!

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