Engagement Ring Budget: Expert Buying Tips To Stay Within Your Means

We don’t have to tell you that engagement rings cost a pretty penny. The engagement ring shopping process requires a lot of saving (lots of saving!), planning, and research–like learning the Four C’s of diamond shopping. One of the most common misconceptions about the cost of an engagement ring is that it should cost approximately one to two months salary, and this is far from true. No matter your budget, there’s a ring out there that’s beautiful and works within your budget. We turned to the experts at Brilliant Earth to learn how to maximize your engagement ring budget without draining your bank account.

Feature image courtesy of Samantha Coleman Photography.

BridalPulse: What is the average amount someone will spend on an engagement ring?

Brilliant Earth: The amount that people spend on an engagement ring varies widely and isn’t as tied to salary as it once was. We work with brides and grooms to meet their budget and personal preferences, to ensure they are comfortable throughout the entire shopping experience.

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