This Florida Couple Had The Perfect Fairytale-Inspired Wedding

Bryan, 29, and Chrissy, 27, didn’t have to go far to find one another. In fact, Bryan was right under Chrissy’s nose for years!

“I’m best friends with his little sister!” Chrissy exclaimed. “We met in winter 2007 when I was a senior in high school and he was a freshman in college.”

They didn’t start dating until winter of 2009 and got engaged in February 2015 after a trip to Davis Island Dog Beach with Chrissy’s dog Copper and all their friends and family. Bryan placed the ring in a phone case and attached it to Copper’s collar, and he got down on one knee then!

As for Bryan’s little sister, Kristen? Chrissy and Kristen are still best friends, and she was even the maid of honor at their wedding!

Fairytale Florida Wedding

Getting Ready

Chrissy’s search for the perfect wedding dress was anything but seamless.

She initially purchased a gown in an Orlando boutique and asked the store to alter it. After six alterations, the boutique still wasn’t able to nail it, leaving Chrissy with a totally ruined dress.

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