What Do You Do If Your Friend’s Partner Needs Proposal Advice?

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The Scenario

It all started with a text with my college friend’s boyfriend.

“Hey B, can we grab lunch?”

Aaron* and I might’ve been friends, but grabbing lunch? Solo? I noticed how my friend — his girlfriend — wasn’t invited. To me, this meant one of two things: he was either breaking up with her, or he was madly in love with me. Obviously.

I armed myself for the worst (he cheated, she’s pregnant, he’s holding my friend hostage and wants ransom) and met with Aaron later in the week at our favorite Bloody Mary joint. He seemed extra-fidgety, which didn’t suit the normally cocky guy buying my friends and I shots all through freshman year.

“So, I’m thinking of asking Jenna* to marry me,” he said immediately after we got our third round. I have never felt more relief to find out someone wasn’t crazy in love with me.

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