The Cutest Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings for V-Day

No matter how you feel about the holiday, Valentine’s Day is the day to channel your inner romantic. You don’t have to give Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte a run for their money, either: fancy chocolate or fresh flowers will do. However, if you’re planning on proposing on the Day of Love, you know you have to go big — and what better way to do that than with heart shaped rings?

A heart-shaped diamond is a unique and sweet cut, perfect for couples looking to express their love in a nontraditional style. It’s fun, adorable and certainly packs enough of a punch to elicit more than a few “aww”s from your friends and family.

Unfortunately, a heart-shaped diamond can go from “oh my god!” to “did you get that in a vending machine?” real quick. We rounded up some of our favorite styles that are just as sophisticated and chic as they are whimsical. Check out some of our favorites below!

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