An Ethereal Island Destination Wedding in Belize

Modern fairy tales don’t need knights in shining armor or damsels in distress — they just need two swipes right!

Newlyweds Ashleigh Penrod and Joe Rippke met the old-fashioned way: Tinder.

“On the app, I saw that we had a mutual friend – a guy named Grant who I worked closely with at my job,” Ashleigh recalled. “It turns out Joe and Grant have been best friends since they were 8 or 9 years old, so Grant vouched for the fact that Joe is a kind, funny, stand-up dude. So we went on a date, and then another and another. ”

Island Destination Wedding

After a year of dating, the couple decided to get married. This wasn’t your average down-on-one-knee proposal: the bride and groom wanted it to be a mutual discussion.

“We both felt strongly that it’s a joint decision, so the idea of Joe proposing to me didn’t sit very well with either of us,” the bride explained. “Our ‘story’ is that we had a conversation about getting married, decided to do it, and then called our families and told them the news. We each have a token of the engagement – my mom passed down my great-great grandmother’s gold and garnet ring to me, and we had meteorite cufflinks custom-made for Joe.”

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