So This Is Why Japanese Brides Always Have Great Skin

Let’s talk Asian beauty brands. Korean skincare has been a hot topic in the beauty world for as long as anyone can remember, and Chinese makeup brands have been expanding from only being available online to hitting the shelves at Sephora and Urban Outfitters. Fun fact: Urban Outfitters has the biggest roster of Korean beauty products in the entire country. That tidbit’s about to win you several brownie points with your beauty junkie friends.

There’s a reason for all this hype surrounding Asian skincare brands; namely, because Asian women have skincare down pat. Sorry girl, it’s not just something in the water: it’s that their skincare regimens are hardcore. Case in point: Japanese brides-to-be. There are multiple forms of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. They utilize masks, scrubs, powders and creams. Oh, and they start 90 days before their wedding day.

We sat down with one of our favorite Japanese beauty brands, DHC Skincare, for the inside scoop from Japanese brides. Take note, brides-to-be: skin this good will take work.

90 Days Before

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