14 Things Every Maid of Honor Needs to Carry In Her Clutch

A good maid of honor needs to be three things: reliable, trustworthy and — perhaps most importantly — handy. Who else is supposed to help the bride pee in her dress or recover from a wine spill? What about keeping track of runny mascara? You’re the maid of honor for a reason, girl, and that means you need to have it together for the big day (or at least pretend to.)

We’ve compiled a cheat sheet for even the most forgetful maid of honors. Consider these your maid of honor clutch must haves — trust us, the bride (and your fellow bridesmaids) will thank you.

Maid of Honor Clutch Must Haves
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Most importantly, you need a good clutch. Ideally, this clutch will be Mary Poppins-esque and bottomless, but still deceptively small. Stay away from envelope clutches as they tend to look bulky, and opt for a less slim style.

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