This Is How To Style A Wedding Jumpsuit On Your Big Day

The first big showstopping moment of any wedding is always the first glimpse the guests and groom get of the bride. All eyes are on her: her hair, her makeup and yes, her gown.

Why a gown, though?

Brides have been wearing wedding dresses for as long as time itself. Whether you’re having a low-key ceremony in City Hall or a huge blowout party, the bride’s dress is a key element to the fairy tale romance. Sure, it might be a tradition, but traditions — and rules — are meant to be broken. Enter: the wedding jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits have been a mainstay for guest attire, but hasn’t quite made as big a splash for brides. Personally, we’re all about a bride in a jumpsuit: it looks chic and avant-garde. Plus, when tailored properly, it can be even more flattering than an over-the-top wedding gown.

Not sure how to style one of these bad boys? Keep scrolling.

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