7 Wedding Day Braids That Are Anything But Boring

Let’s be totally honest: braids are kind of like the hair equivalent of oatmeal. Sure, there are plenty of ways to dress ’em up and make them fancy, but when it comes down to it, a braid is just that — a braid (or oatmeal.)

Regardless, braids are a classic for a reason. They’re feminine, flirty and regardless of how simple or complicated, are still a go-to for both boho and modern brides for a reason.

If you want to rock a braid for your wedding day but want to ensure the look is all your own, keep scrolling.

A braided faux undercut

Wedding Day Braids That Aren't Boring
Ciara Richardson

This braided updo is perfect for girls that aren’t afraid of giving their big day beauty look a bit of a tough girl edge. Depending on the placement of the braid, you can create the illusion of a mohawk or undercut. The style is perfect for curly-haired girls (though it would look stunning on all forms of thick hair!)

A fishtail crown braid

Wedding Day Braids That Aren't Boring
Amanda Watson
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