The Easy-to-Understand Guide to Wedding Dress Fabrics

If you just started shopping for your dress for the big day, you already know that it’s nothing like shopping for a party dress or a pair of jeans. The moment you step into the boutique, you’re presented a motley crew of options: tulle, organza, brocade, silk, satin — the list goes on. All you wanted was a dress that makes you look pretty for your big day!

Confused? You’re not alone.

We took the most popular wedding dress fabrics and created a comprehensive (and, yes, totally easy-to-understand) guide for you to tag along to your next appointment. No more guesswork, girl.


Wedding Dress Fabrics Brocade
Mikaella Bridal

If you’re thinking of a winter wedding (or at the very least, a wedding in a colder climate) opt for brocade. It’s thick and rich, usually intervowen with gold and silver thread and made of different colored silk. It’s a heavy fabric and will keep you ultra-warm.


Wedding Dress Fabrics Chiffon
Mori Lee
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