Newly Engaged? Use Our Wedding Dress Finder to Locate Your Dream Dress

You’ve just acquired some shiny new bling on your finger and the questions relating to your big day have come in full force from family and friends. No matter what stage in the wedding planning process you are in, as a bride-to-be myself, the best part of wedding planning thus far has been wedding dress shopping.

Finding the perfect dress for your special day can be a lengthy process. It starts by assembling a budget, narrowing down a silhouette, and finding the ideal neckline and color of your dress. Then there’s finding the perfect bridal accessories, but we’ll get to that at a later date! It can be overwhelming starting to familiarize yourself with all the amazing bridal designers and trends happening at the moment and that’s where our Wedding Dress Finder comes in handy.

Think of the BridalPulse¬†Wedding Dress Finder as your one-stop shop that houses all the major bridal collections.¬†We’ve done all the legwork and complied the newest dresses on the market, as well as previous collections, that are currently available. With every dress in our gallery, we’ve gathered all the pertinent information you need when you make your way to the bridal salon including: style number, color, silhouette, neckline, price range, color and length of the gown.

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