The Best Kitchen Gifts for Newly Engaged Couples



Victorinox Rosewood Knife Set available here

4. Salad SpinnerI use a salad spinner for all my leafy green veggies and even herbs. It helps wash and remove excess water from greens, so salad dressing sticks better!

5Large wooden salad bowl: Salads make a perfect addition to any meal and also make a delicious main dish as well, especially when the weather gets warmer Having a large wooden salad bowl with a good set of spoons is great because it gives you enough space for tossing and it instantly dresses up the presentation.

6. Mortar and Pestle: Once you get used to using a mortar and pestle, you’ll find you want to use it for more and more recipes. You can crush up herbs, garlic and spices, and make a delicious guacamole which is an easy go-to and crowd-favorite entertaining snack. You can serve right from the mortar for a more authentic presentation.

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